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Who would have thought

Yesterday I took a workshop from Tiiu Poder on email is dead and today I am setting up a blog. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks because I am the living proof that you can.
I worked in the corporate world for 27 years when one cold winter day we came to a parting of the ways. Thankfully by that time I was back in beautiful Cape Breton and obviously had time on my hands. I always enjoyed crafts and decided that although our family had somewhat of a history in stained glass that wasn’t for me. I decided to get on the internet and learn all I could about fused glass. I then purchased a kiln and started my quest. I haven’t looked back since.
I am also very luckly because I have a house mate who keeps me going. Doesn’t allow me to sleep in or stay up to late, nor does she aloow me to get to comfortable. In her mind there are far to many things in this world to explore.
I believe I gave up one boss only to get another.


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