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Good News

This was a good week, I managed to get a local supplier who will produce stainless steel rings, squares and channels for me. That may not be exciting to anyone else but it has just expanded my horizons. I can’t wait to be able to create my own designs and to make pattern bars to turn into jewelry and insert patterns.

Being the first day of spring and living in Cape Breton doesn’t hurt either. I love Cape Breton all the time but especially when it starts coming to life after a long cold winter.


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2 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Branch Manager on said:

    Yes, spring is a good turn of events! Always good to have a new means of expressing your creativity too so hopefully the bits and pieces of glass will have a new life.

  2. My theory is it is hard to break something already broken so I should do okay.
    Someday when you are really bored you can come and make a creation for yourself.

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