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Okay So the Weather Was a Good Excuse

Someone forgot to tell the weather person in Cape Breton that spring is here. Several days ago a friend posted a picture of pussy willows in her yard and today you wouldn’t be able to find them under the snow. Don’t get me wrong it is picture postcard beautiful but it is time for it to warm up and stay warm. In another month and a half our cruise ship season starts. Hate to have them arrive in snow.

And since my work area is in an unheated shed it’s not seeing to much of me. It is COLD.


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2 thoughts on “Okay So the Weather Was a Good Excuse

  1. Hey, it’s not all bad if it’s cold when the cruise ships start coming – they’ll all be wishing they packed a warm scarf and I’ll be right there waiting for them. 😉

    I agree, though. Sunday was all blue skies, chickadees and buds on trees and then this morning I made a snowman on the deck. I love the snow but I’m soooo done with it for this year.

  2. Good point and I will know where to send them. I noticed inside they buy lots of hats and mitts also. Get knitting as well as weaving.

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