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2009 Trail Map Almost Ready

Spent some time yesterday and today setting up our ad for the Artisan’s trail map put out by the Cape Breton Center for Craft and Design. Since it is published for 2 years I needed to make sure it covers the places where our work is sold then needed to make sure the website contains the correct information. That is now done, to bad it takes something like this to make me sit down and do these things.
I thought when I retired I would be sitting around most of the day twiddling my thumbs. I don’t know where the time goes,although I have to admit I spend a lot of time, at this time of the year, watching curling. I know you sports enthusiasts are yawning (have you ever tried it, it ain’t easy ya know). Anyway the Canadian men are kind of running away with it so it is a bit boring but we are getting ready for the Olympics next year in Vancouver, BC.

New glass pictures will be coming soon.


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