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New Theme

Wonder if anyone noticed that I changed the theme of the blog over the past weekend? I know spring is suppose to be here and have actually seen a few brave crocus poke their heads above ground. I know the sun is actually shining on occassion but damn it is cold and windy outside.

Makes my life alittle difficult since I work in a building with no heat and am having a tough time convincing myself to go out there. My mind is swimming with a thousand iseas of what I want to do but the body is weak. However days are not totally wasted, house looks good, everything gathered and in the hands of the accountant. May not even be as bad as we first thought so who knows the week may end on a positive note after all.

Have been playing with some smaller face casting, am going to do some glass weaving before the end of next week. Have been putting that off for several years, never enough time in my days it seems, but now time to make some.  Have to stop putting other things first and seriously get some things I want to play with done.


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2 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. Shari on said:

    Yup, noticed the change of your blog face. Thought I was on the wrong one for a minute the last time I looked but no it was you! Nice fresh face for spring.

  2. Wasn’t sure if changing it was a good idea or not. Jury still out, maybe change in this case isn’t a good thing. Don’t know.

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