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Good News

Good news is I have running water today, I think I can hear it running all the way into Sydney Harbour. The better news is I have no holes in my walls as we thought might need to happen. Whatever he put in finally worked sometime during the night.  I guess the old adage of a “watched pot never boils” is the same for plugged drains, I must have checked it every 10 minutes last night until I finally called it a night. Nothing was happening but this morning the water was gone.

A guy that I had helped out awhile ago stopped in  yesterday with an open rattling box. He is a collector and had bid on and won 2 pieces of early 20th century carnival glass. The rattling was the 2 pieces broken into so many pieces nothing could be done to save them. I now have some carnival glass to play with. It will be interesting because it does not have the same COE  as anything else I work with so whatever I do can only be done with those pieces.

When I have time that will happen


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