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Cast Glass Box

Cast Glass Box

Cast Glass Box

Pink Cast Glass Box

Pink Cast Glass Box

Pink Cast Glass Box with lid

Pink Cast Glass Box with lid

Cast glass Round Box

Cast glass Round Box

Finally I did a box in cast glass. The recommendation was to use fine frit, however I  didn’t have any so instead I took the chance and used powdered glass. I had some “water clear” and mixed a tablespoon of “turns pink” and you can see the results. I really like the colour and the powder leaves alot of possibilities for mixing colours. Lorraine picked the first shape and of course pink is her favourite colour. I had a few anxious moments this morning when the bottom wouldn’t come out of the mold. I was very disappointed for awhile and then I decided since I ruined it anyway and would have to break the mold I gently dropped it on the floor(wouldn’t recommend this step) and low and behold the bottom came out.


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6 thoughts on “Cast Glass Box

  1. Looks neat! I was trying to figure out how you were going to make boxes, you know square things…..

  2. Next time I will try an almost square one. Maybe aqua blue or sea green. It will be a surprise to me too. Maybe try a swirl one.

  3. VERY NICE MARG! Hope you are going to make more. I wish for you a big new workshop where you have lots of space to play and create……..we always have to wish and hope…………wishes do come true!

  4. Hey Marg! Sky’s the limit when it comes to a utilitarian object with decor appeal.
    It makes me think: a box with a ocean design with a shell inside.
    A bird motif with a feather inside.
    A twig/leaf motif with a pussy willow inside.

    I just think a surprise/bonus/discovery when you lift the lid lends excitement!!

    Just a spark of an idea from me to you to see if it starts a fire.
    Forgive me Marg…I can NEVER refrain from sharing ideas!!

  5. Hi Teena
    Thanks and please don’t ever spot sharing. I was thinking of doing a bird’s nest with glass twigs and an egg inside but maybe something like you shared for the boxes maybe a good alternative. (for now)


  6. Oooo nest with a twig or nest inside…very cool. These little boxes look like they will be a fun line of product for you. As I said before: sky is ALWAYS the limit!

    Glad you are good with the idea sharing! Phew!


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