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Fused Glass Wind Chimes and Hearts

Today I finished off some fused glass wind chimes. They are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. They are made with 6mm fused glass, stainless steel wires crimped and are made for the outdoors. They are approx 22-24 inches in length and and have a wrought iron top. They have lasted out side on Wendy’s porch where there is no lack of wind and they have survived. Her shop is also the only place that sells them. wendy 019

Also played with some small hearts today. They are designed to allow them to be connected together. In the future may add other shapes that can be connected also. wendy 016

And while I was starting my day I noticed a dragonfly on my workshop screen. So back into the house I go to get my camera.I know you are thinking the same thing I was, by the time I get back outside it will be gone. Usually that is the case with me but not today. Unbelievable that I could get this close without him flying off. The markings are amazing. My thrill forwendy 004 the day.


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