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Wall of Shame (shame it didn’t come out it would have been awesome)

Alright despite what I said last night I decided to fire up the kiln with the pieces that were ready. I opened the lid this morning with a great deal of excitement, looked in, closed the lid and drove to Tim’s for a coffee. Some days the kiln gods smile on ya and other days they have their fun at your expense. This was my day for them to have fun.

I cast some large tear drop pendants, they didn’t even warrant a picture.

I also did some small faces that I was going to make into pendants. They came out something like my mood with the weather these days. Shrunken and mis-shapen

Fleur de lis 012 Fleur de lis 016

Because they are definitely one of a kind I will wear them because honestly I luv em! They are approx 2.5hx1w. That wasn’t the dimensions they were suppose to be, nor were they suppose to have large areas of their faces missing.

I also did some medium faces, so here they are before cleaning.

Fleur de lis 025 Fleur de lis 022

They look relatively decent from the front but the back ain’t pretty.

One of the other items was a fleur de lis, where the fingers are in the picture attached is where the glass shrank and didn’t fill out to the ends.

Fleur de lis 010

That’s to bad because that is what I wanted to take to Louisbourg.

The other item again no picture was a (was going to be) a carved vine and flowers in a 5hx7w cast piece. It cracked in the annealing cycle on the way down and was in pieces when I opened the kiln.

So that is my sad tale of woe. However I do know what I did wrong and one valuable lesson I learned was 35 grams of glass is not made equal and that I will never forget.

Have a great one and for you American folks Happy 4th of July.


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4 thoughts on “Wall of Shame (shame it didn’t come out it would have been awesome)

  1. I like your mis-shapen faces too! Good to know that there is nothing wrong with a mistake as long as you learn from it! I would say bravo for the ‘uniqeness’ of your creations! fire on!!

  2. Thanks Jean
    It certainly has been one of those weeks but that’s okay

  3. The blue shrunken and misshapen face is nice.

  4. Thanks Richard
    I must say even though it isn’t close to what it should be, I really do like it.

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