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A Couple of Days at River Bennett

I enjoyed a couple of days off this past week and spent them with my basket weaving friend Shari. I noticed she put one of the baskets on her site that she was working on when I was there.

RWbowlraspberryR Really nice colours.

I did manage to get 2 wind chimes done while I was there, and Wendy picked them up on her way home. Heard from her this evening and she needs more.

When I arrived home my ornament trees had arrived. I have 2 of these small trees and a large one for our table in the fall. Now I will have to make sure I can fill them with fused glass pieces. The branches can be adjusted and the small one holds  64 pieces each.

trees 006

The other thing I have done is in “Our Town” fused glass series. The small fused glass pieces I decided to turn into small wind chimes. I like those, as well would make nice fused glass nightlights. Got a couple of weeks.

 trees 008

The other good news is Louisbourg Fortress wants some cast glass and fused glass fleur de lis. So I will be working on them as well.

Glad I had 2 days off.


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