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Another trip to the North Shore

Yesterday I went to deliver an order to Wendy, at North Shore. I never look at this as a chore, I absolutely love Cape Breton and this time of the year it is particularly beautiful. So any chance I get to putter around I take it.

First we stopped at Shari’s for lunch. When we went into the shop we discovered that she sold the twig love seat she had there. A picture was in a previous entry, today it was replaced with her beautiful work

lampwork 018

Then we went to Wendy’s to deliver the order and watch Kerry Ann Gibson demonstrating lampworking

lampwork 014

lampwork 017

That was fun and decided to take her glass when she has one in the area.

It was then time to return home along the ferry route. The mackerel are running so there are fishermen all along the shore. Some clean their fish there so the seagulls are ready and eager to get  supper.

lampwork 019

lampwork 021

Won’t be long before the ships are back so have to get ready for my own stuff. Am going to do a number of the small metal wind chimes and put on the large tree I got last week, can’t wait to see it full. Along with the houses will probably do some fleur-de-lis as well as some stars of David and flowers. So fusing and slumping is the name of the game for the next couple of weeks.

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