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More of Our Town Series

our town 003 This one is called Main Street, Our Town. We have some shoes, crafts, gifts a mall and of course clothes. And you can’t have a Main Street that isn’t paved in gold.

our town 007 This is 2 houses in Our Town series, perhaps mine and grandma’s.

our town 020 Away for a few minutes to what I call “The Tree of Life”. The leaves are a moss green while the earth and branches are a bronze powder with dichroic accents.

our town 021 And we are back to the changing of the colours so can’t have that without “Falling Leaves”

our town 023 Back to Our Town, this is simply our house, You can see in the picture below that I put an easel back on it to allow it to stand or be hung.

our town 028 And last but not least, a

night light in the series with the automatic censor, so it comes on as it gets dark, great for bathrooms or hallways.


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One thought on “More of Our Town Series

  1. john mac lean on said:

    everything up and running working good must get some sites ..will talk later…thanks John

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