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Finally Winter and Some New Pieces

Winter finally came to Cape Breton yesterday, but really it’s the end of January. Another couple of months and it’s over. This is unbelievable for Cape Breton and scary at the same time.

Anyway I did manage to take myself to the shed and get some work done yesterday. The stars are still out there. The pieces of jewellery were a total flop but the clock base came out okay.

051 It is 3 layers of glass, the white is iridized with a transparent blue in the center. It is 5in x 5in so a good size for a desk clock. What you see scattered across the face of the blue is Inca gold mica powder. In person it gives it a nice effect.

I would love to tell you it was easy to put together and it should have been BUT it wasn’t. One of the screws didn’t fit right and by the time I discovered that, it was already on crocked and I ended up having to break up the clock movement. Of course the next one I picked up fit perfectly and was on in seconds.

The other new feat to allow me to make the clock was actually making myself learn to drill holes in glass. It is quite daunting sitting there with this drill and a piece of glass sitting in a container of water, all I could think of was electrocuting myself.

As you can tell that didn’t happen. Even did some pieces of beach glass (mermaid’s tears) that my Aunt Joan picked up on the shores of Cape Breton.



So now that I know how to do that no more excuses.


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