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Today’s Project- “the Pier” fused glass streetscape

Was off to the Cape Breton Center for Craft and Design this morning for the opening of an exhibit called “up Home” It was there that the finished piece was given to it’s owner.

She grew up in the Pier, officially known as Whitney Pier and locally known as the Pier. She liked the bright colours and the reminders of our childhood when there was a diner and banks and Archie’s open and thriving.


004  Here we have a bank, Moraff’s Yarns(still open), a fish and chip diner(we couldn’t remember the name) It is one of those things that will wake you up at 3 am because you remember it then. And of course Archie’s Dry Goods store. The church being one of many in the small community has family ties and it is St. Philip’s African Orthodox Church.

Hope she has as much enjoyment seeing it as I had making it.

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Project- “the Pier” fused glass streetscape

  1. nice! like the streetscape idea, years ago I used to make little porcelain houses, that were plant pots, I’ll have to dig up a picture and show you. There is something nice about making structures with your art.

  2. Thanks Liz, they are fun to make. Have a good time at ACTS

  3. john mac lean on said:

    Super work as alwalys

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