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February Challenge

Even though I haven’t posted for the week I have been busy working on the business. The last 3 days and the next 16 or so are going to be tough as I am a great winter Olympics fan. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it is in Canada either, except the other side of the country and late hours for me.

However back to the challenge. Here are some pictures of some items done this week


Large piece within the series started last week. Colours get added and dropped depending what I am working on.

Also carried it through to some night lights



They look good plugged in with the light shinning through. You can see the different sizes of glass used and the texture on these are great.

And last but not least pieces for our town series that also will be made into night lights. These are fresh from the kiln in these photos and still have some fibre powder on them but look good.





These are my accomplishments this week. Also am working on a new computer program for artists. It is being developed by a company in the States and Jim  has very graciously allowed me to participate in the testing. So I have started populating it yesterday. It will be amazing once I get the info in.


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2 thoughts on “February Challenge

  1. Michelle on said:

    I want an “our town”night light….please let me know when they are ready….

  2. Not a problem let me know the colour.

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