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Some Completed Projects

I know I haven’t posted in awhile. Could have had something to do with the Olympics,The Hearts,The Brier and now the women’s World Curling. But honest, although I have caught a lot of the programming I did get projects completed. Didn’t get a lot of pictures taken but will show you what I did.

Did some coaster sets and desk sets for a local company.


The desk set consists of a coaster, business card holder and a holder for paper clips or whatever.

Also did a set for a new born. Don’t have a completed picture but the set consists of picture frame, light switch cover and a night light. Here’s is an idea of what it will look like and I will post a completed picture.



Did some drawer pulls for a fish room in Wendy’s shop. The glass is lagoon with ranges of blues,greens and whites.



I am really pleased with them.

Then worked on some watches. Earlier I posted the pictures of what most thought were bracelets. Well they were only they are for watches. This way the customer can pick the band and the watch face they want.



They are neat.

And last but not least I did some casting and am pleased to show you the new belt buckle.



I really really like the glass insert on the buckle.

And that folks is it for tonight.


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One thought on “Some Completed Projects

  1. Shari on said:

    Everything looks great! Really like the desk sets and the belt buckle is cool.

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