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Doodles and Milllefiori

I haven’t been posting much but have been working. The frame set is gone to it’s owner. The drawer pulls are gone to their owner. The ship season is now only weeks away and I have been rummaging around to see what I can make with supplies that are already here. I am forever buying supplies and putting them away saying someday I will do something with that. Well the day as come.

Here is an example of pieces that I will be making for sale with previously purchased wire and crystal beads. They will be called Doodles






I must admit I really like them.

Also have been playing with some millefiori. I think the translation is a thousand flowers although in modern times they are making the canes in more than flowers.

Do I make the canes? NO and never, here is a picture of how they make them


They take all these tiny pieces of glass and very concisely arrange them in this steel mold to form flower shapes. The mold is then heated until all the glass is fused into one piece and looks like the pieces beside the mold. They then cut these canes into small pieces which can be used for many things. One is placing these pieces into molds to make jewellery and once again heating them until they become one piece. I buy them in pieces and fuse them. This picture is an example of that, a piece being put together, but not one of my pieces.

The second is one of mine finished because today the bails finally were found and I was able to finish a piece and get a picture.



Not to many of these because I am using up all of our stock but I am happy how it turned out and who knows what the future may bring in goodies.


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