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Half Baked

When I first fractured the marbles, one of my friend’s Shari suggested I call them Half Baked by Marg MacNeil. She suggested they were something like myself “half baked”. I actually liked the name and decided to use it.

So here are the “Half Baked by Caper Glass Creations”. They come in more colours and can be changed out for different coloured marbles.

100_1164 100_1167

100_1171 100_1174


Hope you enjoy them


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3 thoughts on “Half Baked

  1. The necklaces are lovely Marg even if they are half baked! We’re all slightly melted around the edges ;).

  2. Thanks Shari, I can’t believe you might think I don’t have any sharp edges

  3. Hibha on said:

    Excuse me, but can I ask..which colour marbles changes to which colour baked marbles? Please reply in my mom’s gmail..:)

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