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Our Town Pieces

Long before someone thought they invented rows of townhouses, we had row houses. They were cold and drafty and owned by the company. Back in the day you couldn’t own them you could only rent at the pleasure of the Company. Eventually the Company was gone but some of the row houses remain in Our Town.


Long before duplex we had company houses. They also were owned by the Company as the name suggests. Again the Company is gone but the  “Company houses” remain in Our Town.


Now that these houses are owned privately, what amazes me the most is that they never seemed to get painted or sided the same colour. So even though they are attached they are usually bright and colourful. The other thing that amazed me as a kid was that there was always a fence going straight down the center. It never went anywhere and everyone walked over it. There was always a yard full of wildflowers, miners didn’t have time to mow grass. And always a bunch of flowers in a bottle or glass on the kitchen table that one of the kids picked.

And then in Our Town there was Grandma’s house.


It was always bright and cheerful. It bulged at the seems with family members filling every corner. There were lots of kids and grand kids to enjoy the flower beds, the wishing well, the benches scattered around and especially the swing on the big branch of the apple tree. It was a hugh tree and we were either climbing it or using the swing.

Life really is good in Our Town


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