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Kiln Gods Weren’t Smiling This Past Weekend

I decided to fuse a piece of glass that I really liked and turn it into a lamp shade. Needless to say it was the only piece I had.

100_1281 Really is nice, this is the back and I just have it sitting in a stand to hold it.

100_1283 This is the front. Don’t ya just love those bubbles in the center,especially the large one.

Also made several other pieces. Another piece of Our Town Series

100_1285 A few small bubbles in this but that is common in fusing. Done on clear with transparent pieces of glass for the houses.

And 2 pieces that will probably become clocks.

100_1292 100_1297


Not all the weekend was bad however, spent several days in River Bennett with Shari,lots of relaxing time and great friends.

Also went to Cheticamp and stopped along the way for some pictures.

100_1271  It was a warm sunny day so a few minutes along the ocean was justified. This is the shore at Belle Cote. Can’t imagine the wind here in the winter. This poor house has to get the brunt of high winds.


Will try again tomorrow for more pieces and figure out what kind of offerings I need to appease the kiln gods.


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2 thoughts on “Kiln Gods Weren’t Smiling This Past Weekend

  1. That first one (the pink and blue) is beautiful!! A few bubbles can’t take much away from it.

  2. Hi J
    It is a beautiful piece of glass but unfortunately the biggest bubble is where the hole has to be drilled to make it sit on lamp findings.

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