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New Glass Links

This is a case of a change is as good as a rest. These I put in the small kiln last night and took out this morning. It started Sunday afternoon when I tried to weigh the frit. Bad batteries so off to Walmart. Batteries bought, half hour wasted. Put new batteries in to discover it was the scale. No second trip to walmart. So I guessed at the amounts and away we went.

Here are the results


These are sky blue glass cast links. The necklace is actually long with the links on one side however I don’t have a jewelry bust long enough to show it.

The other way the glass links can be combined are with necklace shortener  links.



These are diamond shaped glass links and needed a little less frit. The colour is called pink champagne and would look good in the gold links but the silver were in my hand. Remember the first go is always play time to see what you can do with the new pieces. No more will be made before there is a new scale and the large Christmas fair at Center 200 is over this weekend.



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