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New Tools

Well Lorraine and I finally checked out the small kitchen store that opened about a year ago. Better late than never I guess. Found several interesting things I can use in my glass.

First the brown sugar saver. It is one of those clay things you soak and then put in your brown sugar to keep it soft. If they were deeper I would be casting in them but they are not so thought I would make some glass clay and use these as a stamp. They might make nice pendants?,magnets? or maybe buttons? Time will tell.


The other item is just to neat for all kinds of different reasons. They will be great helping me get powder and frit into tight areas.

But mostly they brought a smile for all the times you tried to learn baking with your Mom. I took the picture so you can read the sizes.




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4 thoughts on “New Tools

  1. I love the kitchen store for clay tools!

  2. Hi Marg, Had to tell you I love the new look of your blog. Vey nice!

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