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New Pieces for 2011

I am trying to justify(and I think doing a good job of it) sitting in front of the boob tube for the past couple of weeks watching curling. First the ladies played in Charlottetown,PEI and now the guys are in London, On for the week.

So while sitting here I have been putting some pieces together. This year I actually been digging through things trying to use up previously bought stuff. It is amazing what I am finding. Even some bags from Crystal Clear that I can use.

Of course the problem with this is I bought stuff to try so not a lot of anything. But keeps life interesting.

One of the first things I came across is very small pieces of black dichroic. I haven’t used black backed in years but I do keep everything even crumbs.

Picture 112

Picture 118 Picture 120

Picture 121

Picture 124

Like them all but very limited numbers

Also the last of the dichroic for now. I had some hair clip backs. They sell by the dozen so obviously wrecked some trying to see how they work because I only have around 20 for each size.

Picture 137

Picture 140


Last one is the different sizes.

Bonnie, my sister and partner will be so happy to see all that money spent is finally getting used.

And certainly have lots of crystal beads hanging around, so did some different styles till findings ran out.

Picture 126

Picture 128

They close with a lobster clasp.

Picture 142

Picture 144

Picture 147

Picture 150

And my favourite but only got 10 because I only bought 1 package of spacers.

Picture 151

And more to come tomorrow because the kiln is filled with 4 different plates/trays and some cast jewelry.


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2 thoughts on “New Pieces for 2011

  1. Shari on said:

    Love the new pendants! All of the new work is fabulous. What’s on sportsnet next week? 🙂

  2. Thanks Shari
    Between some sample pieces and some scrap these pendants resulted. More of the cast ones in today.
    Think I am in trouble no curling next week.

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