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Fused Glass Trays,Plates and a Bowl

The dishes are slumped. The jewellery still needs fire polishing and bails. Tomorrow is another day.

When I stacked the 2 plates/trays and the bowl together I realized they would make a nice dinner ware place setting. Maybe by the end of the summer a new set of dishes.

Picture 158

This is a 3 section serving dish, would also make a very nice centerpiece with candles and beach stones or some crystals.

Picture 165

This is the bowl done in the same colours as the serving tray.

Picture 195

The 2 together with my helper in the back ground. She decided it was time for a nap, wish I could have joined her.

Picture 176

Smaller of the 2 plates.

Picture 182

Larger plate, much less dark blue. I love these colours.

Picture 186

From this angle you can see the contours of the plates.

See you tomorrow for jewelry.


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2 thoughts on “Fused Glass Trays,Plates and a Bowl

  1. Shari on said:

    hey, you’re cruisin’! pretty colors!

  2. Thanks, I just needed the snow to melt so I could get out there.
    These pieces are off to the Center tomorrow

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