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Seattle Visit

So I spent the last couple of days in Seattle with friends. What can I say it was awesome, nothing replaces long time friends. It rained and I don’t mean showers IT RAINED but we didn’t care we bussed, walked and climbed hills and got wet. In the process we explored Pike Market. Everywhere I turned there were glass folks – what a treat.

I didn’t take glass pictures at the market saved that for later. However the fish stalls amazed me. Unfortunately no fish throwing going on at the time. I particularly liked this picture because for some reason there was that 1 red fish laying there.

And then there was Tacoma and the Museum of Glass , but first the Chichuly Bridge. Picture Friday as totally overcast, heavy rain and try to imagine what these colours would be like with full sunshine. This picture is a part of the roof of the bridge.

This is a part of one of the side panels, it was higher than what this shows I just couldn’t get it all in and I was getting wetter and wetter and stiffer and stiffer. And of course what you see behind it is the over cast sky. Again imagine sunlight.

And here are 2 pillars that either start or end the bridge depending on your direction. Lots of other glass outside but again to wet and I didn’t get pictures. these pieces of glass are a totally different shade of blue on a sunny day.

And then there was inside. The Kids section was something else, a child’s image and an artists handiwork. The kids drew the pictures and the pieces I believe were created in the hot shop. Lots of monsters, big teeth, bright colours, good guys and bad guys and one of the battles even continues in heaven because their grandfathers are still fighting there. Ah the innocence of children. Anyway couldn’t take pictures in there.

And then came the exhibition – Glimmering Gone. I don’t even know how to tell you my experience with this one. Trish and I just sat there stared for awhile. It is breathtaking.

This is from the side so shows you the complex layering, the pieces are hung by fishing line or something like that, layer after layer.

 Than from the front.

I think these pictures say it all.

Last night I arrived in Sequim and new adventures are getting planned today, which does include Richard LaLonde’s Studio, LaConner and the glass exhibit and of course Vancouver Island and only time will tell what interesting spots in between before I head back to Seattle for Easter.

Will be posting before that however.


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One thought on “Seattle Visit

  1. WOW and then more WOW!! This must be just a little bit of heaven for you Marg. So glad your trip is going well, all you hope for ant then some eh!

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