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Great Day

Today we spent the day on Whitby Island with one of my favourite glass artists – Richard LaLonde. He was amazing and gave me several hours of his time. Not only took us through his studio but also into his home and showed us his pieces he kept along with his glass collection. It was quite a thrill to not only be in the presence of a glass master but to be able to handle pieces from the masters going back to the Higgins.  He is very much a soft spoken gentleman with a great sense of humour. No question it is the high light of my trip as far as glass goes.


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2 thoughts on “Great Day

  1. WOW! I just went to Richard LaLonde’s website (thanks for the link) It is amazing what he does with glass. It must have been hard to tear yourself away from there. What are you going to do with all the inspiration from this trip Marg, what will you create first? Enjoy the rest of your trip. When do you return? Do you think you might have time to stop here overnight on your way home or are you flying to Sydney? Take care.

  2. Hi Jean
    Richard was amazing and it does all these pieces with frit better known as glass powder. To see it in perso0n and know how he does it is amazing. Am hoping we can get him in Sydney to teach.
    Can’t give you an exact date yet when heading to Sydney but would love to stop.

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