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New Pieces

WOW long over due but finally got back to taking some pictures and uploading here. We will start with some cast jewelry done with mixed frit colours.

102_0403  102_0407


102_0408 102_0415


A new piece of cast dichroic. 102_0442

And some tableware etc.

102_0431 102_0436

102_0446 102_0447

102_0458 102_0463

102_0453 102_0451

102_0470  102_0480

102_0473  102_0476

102_0483 102_0486

102_0489 102_0481


Great Day

Today we spent the day on Whitby Island with one of my favourite glass artists – Richard LaLonde. He was amazing and gave me several hours of his time. Not only took us through his studio but also into his home and showed us his pieces he kept along with his glass collection. It was quite a thrill to not only be in the presence of a glass master but to be able to handle pieces from the masters going back to the Higgins.  He is very much a soft spoken gentleman with a great sense of humour. No question it is the high light of my trip as far as glass goes.

New Glass Links

This is a case of a change is as good as a rest. These I put in the small kiln last night and took out this morning. It started Sunday afternoon when I tried to weigh the frit. Bad batteries so off to Walmart. Batteries bought, half hour wasted. Put new batteries in to discover it was the scale. No second trip to walmart. So I guessed at the amounts and away we went.

Here are the results


These are sky blue glass cast links. The necklace is actually long with the links on one side however I don’t have a jewelry bust long enough to show it.

The other way the glass links can be combined are with necklace shortener  links.



These are diamond shaped glass links and needed a little less frit. The colour is called pink champagne and would look good in the gold links but the silver were in my hand. Remember the first go is always play time to see what you can do with the new pieces. No more will be made before there is a new scale and the large Christmas fair at Center 200 is over this weekend.


Fire Polished and Finally Ready

Several things got done yesterday.

My Aunt Ann sent some of her photos by email for the first time on her own. Here’s Louisbourg after high winds



Wendy opened her glass blowing studio and you can see some photos at

And I fractured some more marbles, this time iridized ones


They will be ready for the Cape Breton Home Crafters Christmas show at Center 200 on Nov 12,13 and 14. Along with lots of other goodies.

And last but not least I finally fire polished the pieces I made awhile ago. Because they are cast each one is unique.






Above are the 4 sizes of the tag series. More different styles before next season


Have a fun Halloween

New Cast Glass Jewelry

Okay some new styles.They need an explanation however because they are not finished yet. First they are cast so they end up with some burrs and bumps on them. These get cleaned off hence the scratches you can see on them. Also there are some larger areas that I will clean with the dremel this afternoon.

They will then go back into the kiln and be fired to a temperature that will soften the glass enough to remove all the scratches and will be shiny again.

I am really pleased with them and they are something different.


002 015

005 014

007 013

009 010

018 022

Some Completed Projects

I know I haven’t posted in awhile. Could have had something to do with the Olympics,The Hearts,The Brier and now the women’s World Curling. But honest, although I have caught a lot of the programming I did get projects completed. Didn’t get a lot of pictures taken but will show you what I did.

Did some coaster sets and desk sets for a local company.


The desk set consists of a coaster, business card holder and a holder for paper clips or whatever.

Also did a set for a new born. Don’t have a completed picture but the set consists of picture frame, light switch cover and a night light. Here’s is an idea of what it will look like and I will post a completed picture.



Did some drawer pulls for a fish room in Wendy’s shop. The glass is lagoon with ranges of blues,greens and whites.



I am really pleased with them.

Then worked on some watches. Earlier I posted the pictures of what most thought were bracelets. Well they were only they are for watches. This way the customer can pick the band and the watch face they want.



They are neat.

And last but not least I did some casting and am pleased to show you the new belt buckle.



I really really like the glass insert on the buckle.

And that folks is it for tonight.

A Couple of Days at River Bennett

I enjoyed a couple of days off this past week and spent them with my basket weaving friend Shari. I noticed she put one of the baskets on her site that she was working on when I was there.

RWbowlraspberryR Really nice colours.

I did manage to get 2 wind chimes done while I was there, and Wendy picked them up on her way home. Heard from her this evening and she needs more.

When I arrived home my ornament trees had arrived. I have 2 of these small trees and a large one for our table in the fall. Now I will have to make sure I can fill them with fused glass pieces. The branches can be adjusted and the small one holds  64 pieces each.

trees 006

The other thing I have done is in “Our Town” fused glass series. The small fused glass pieces I decided to turn into small wind chimes. I like those, as well would make nice fused glass nightlights. Got a couple of weeks.

 trees 008

The other good news is Louisbourg Fortress wants some cast glass and fused glass fleur de lis. So I will be working on them as well.

Glad I had 2 days off.

New Shelves

Well the good news is that all the wind chimes I dropped off at Wendy’s last week has sold and she needs more. I have dropped off a fleur de lis at Fortress Louisbourg and am waiting to hear back from them. And this is the last ship this week until August 22. So that gives me 4 weeks to get enough done that once the ships start arriving in multiples I won’t have to come home and produce anything.

And the best news of all is the new shelves got installed in the work shed and once organized I will be able to fuse glass,cast glass and play with glass frit and actually have room without having to move everything to find a couple of inches. Life is good.

Got some good ideas for displays on our table this year that should show it off well. we now have 5 glass artists at the cruise terminal so we have to get folks to the table.

Try,Try Again

Well the kiln is full again tonight and have the small cast glass jewellery pieces in once again. This time I used medium frit for the pieces so we will see in the morning how they turn. Also did them in a dark purple and clear as well as cobalt blue and clear. Definitely will be freckled. Will post pictures in the morning.also have some pieces in for a 12in snack tray, small sushi plate and some soap dish sizes. As well tried my new frit maker today. It is surprising how much frustration you can take out with this thing.

At the end I took some of the frit and used it on a 10 in circle. It is all transparent and will be fully fused. I have a picture in my mind but don’t think this will be it. Probably should have held off until I was doing some tack fusing.

Oh well tomorrow will tell.

Wall of Shame (shame it didn’t come out it would have been awesome)

Alright despite what I said last night I decided to fire up the kiln with the pieces that were ready. I opened the lid this morning with a great deal of excitement, looked in, closed the lid and drove to Tim’s for a coffee. Some days the kiln gods smile on ya and other days they have their fun at your expense. This was my day for them to have fun.

I cast some large tear drop pendants, they didn’t even warrant a picture.

I also did some small faces that I was going to make into pendants. They came out something like my mood with the weather these days. Shrunken and mis-shapen

Fleur de lis 012 Fleur de lis 016

Because they are definitely one of a kind I will wear them because honestly I luv em! They are approx 2.5hx1w. That wasn’t the dimensions they were suppose to be, nor were they suppose to have large areas of their faces missing.

I also did some medium faces, so here they are before cleaning.

Fleur de lis 025 Fleur de lis 022

They look relatively decent from the front but the back ain’t pretty.

One of the other items was a fleur de lis, where the fingers are in the picture attached is where the glass shrank and didn’t fill out to the ends.

Fleur de lis 010

That’s to bad because that is what I wanted to take to Louisbourg.

The other item again no picture was a (was going to be) a carved vine and flowers in a 5hx7w cast piece. It cracked in the annealing cycle on the way down and was in pieces when I opened the kiln.

So that is my sad tale of woe. However I do know what I did wrong and one valuable lesson I learned was 35 grams of glass is not made equal and that I will never forget.

Have a great one and for you American folks Happy 4th of July.

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