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New Pieces

WOW long over due but finally got back to taking some pictures and uploading here. We will start with some cast jewelry done with mixed frit colours.

102_0403  102_0407


102_0408 102_0415


A new piece of cast dichroic. 102_0442

And some tableware etc.

102_0431 102_0436

102_0446 102_0447

102_0458 102_0463

102_0453 102_0451

102_0470  102_0480

102_0473  102_0476

102_0483 102_0486

102_0489 102_0481


Finally Some Movement Towards Ships

Over the holidays we received a shipment of some glass crystal roundels and nuggets, I kept looking at them trying to decide what to do. A little bit of funk and retro seems to work. Also something bigger than I would usually make but apparently big works and sells.

So here is a shot of the mixture. The blue and copper are metallic and some of the others are aurora borealis coated. Some will make watches and some sets with necklace,bracelet and earrings. 



Then I tried a couple of necklaces with the blue. First one done with small blue in between nuggets. The necklace will be finished with a combination small crystal beads blue,copper and amber with a lobster clasp.



Then I looked at it and decided to try copper crystal beads in between, with the same multi crystals to finish off the necklace.



I think I like the copper between better and will do the reverse with the copper nuggets.

Now I have to get back to cleaning the office.

Fire Polished and Finally Ready

Several things got done yesterday.

My Aunt Ann sent some of her photos by email for the first time on her own. Here’s Louisbourg after high winds



Wendy opened her glass blowing studio and you can see some photos at

And I fractured some more marbles, this time iridized ones


They will be ready for the Cape Breton Home Crafters Christmas show at Center 200 on Nov 12,13 and 14. Along with lots of other goodies.

And last but not least I finally fire polished the pieces I made awhile ago. Because they are cast each one is unique.






Above are the 4 sizes of the tag series. More different styles before next season


Have a fun Halloween

New Cast Glass Jewelry

Okay some new styles.They need an explanation however because they are not finished yet. First they are cast so they end up with some burrs and bumps on them. These get cleaned off hence the scratches you can see on them. Also there are some larger areas that I will clean with the dremel this afternoon.

They will then go back into the kiln and be fired to a temperature that will soften the glass enough to remove all the scratches and will be shiny again.

I am really pleased with them and they are something different.


002 015

005 014

007 013

009 010

018 022

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