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Almost Over


Can’t believe vacation is almost over, thought it would never come and then before you know it, it is over. The best part of all of course was spending time with old friends both in Seattle and Sequim. Saw lots of interesting places and may even have picked up some new business. Can’t believe the number of Artisan co-ops here that are thriving suppose nice weather all year round may make a difference.

Anyway a couple of  weeks ago we went to a local animal farm . Nice day so we really enjoyed it. Some animals got a little to close for comfort though, or would block the entrance to the next compound.

Here are some pictures of our day.

These would certainly make some awesome basket making antlers.

A Zebra or 2 thrown in for good measure. For some reason weren’t allowed to stop the car in their compound.

Then there was this absolutely hugh Kodiak bear.

And then there was my friend the Tibetan Yak that got far to close

Then of course the ever present peacocks. No open tails but spectular none the less.

Get vacation


Strange man of past years

There was a guy around the area of Sequim many years ago who liked trolls. He owned a hugh property on the water and filled the grounds with carved trolls. He died awhile ago and the property got divided up and sold. The locals weren’t crazy about the trolls so removed them all. Lucky for me they forgot one.

The house is neat and stayed the same, as well there is what appears to be a copper gate in the background.

Then I guess to try and keep some of the charm of old they did some new fence posts.

And then to hold up a building

I’ll take the old guys any day.

Great Day

Today we spent the day on Whitby Island with one of my favourite glass artists – Richard LaLonde. He was amazing and gave me several hours of his time. Not only took us through his studio but also into his home and showed us his pieces he kept along with his glass collection. It was quite a thrill to not only be in the presence of a glass master but to be able to handle pieces from the masters going back to the Higgins.  He is very much a soft spoken gentleman with a great sense of humour. No question it is the high light of my trip as far as glass goes.

Seattle Visit

So I spent the last couple of days in Seattle with friends. What can I say it was awesome, nothing replaces long time friends. It rained and I don’t mean showers IT RAINED but we didn’t care we bussed, walked and climbed hills and got wet. In the process we explored Pike Market. Everywhere I turned there were glass folks – what a treat.

I didn’t take glass pictures at the market saved that for later. However the fish stalls amazed me. Unfortunately no fish throwing going on at the time. I particularly liked this picture because for some reason there was that 1 red fish laying there.

And then there was Tacoma and the Museum of Glass , but first the Chichuly Bridge. Picture Friday as totally overcast, heavy rain and try to imagine what these colours would be like with full sunshine. This picture is a part of the roof of the bridge.

This is a part of one of the side panels, it was higher than what this shows I just couldn’t get it all in and I was getting wetter and wetter and stiffer and stiffer. And of course what you see behind it is the over cast sky. Again imagine sunlight.

And here are 2 pillars that either start or end the bridge depending on your direction. Lots of other glass outside but again to wet and I didn’t get pictures. these pieces of glass are a totally different shade of blue on a sunny day.

And then there was inside. The Kids section was something else, a child’s image and an artists handiwork. The kids drew the pictures and the pieces I believe were created in the hot shop. Lots of monsters, big teeth, bright colours, good guys and bad guys and one of the battles even continues in heaven because their grandfathers are still fighting there. Ah the innocence of children. Anyway couldn’t take pictures in there.

And then came the exhibition – Glimmering Gone. I don’t even know how to tell you my experience with this one. Trish and I just sat there stared for awhile. It is breathtaking.

This is from the side so shows you the complex layering, the pieces are hung by fishing line or something like that, layer after layer.

 Than from the front.

I think these pictures say it all.

Last night I arrived in Sequim and new adventures are getting planned today, which does include Richard LaLonde’s Studio, LaConner and the glass exhibit and of course Vancouver Island and only time will tell what interesting spots in between before I head back to Seattle for Easter.

Will be posting before that however.

Great Glass Exhibit Worth Watching

Act 2: The next Track from Steve Immerman on Vimeo.

Kiln Formed Dichroic Pendants

One more product to add to our table this year.

Picture 233

Picture 227


Picture 235

Picture 246

Picture 254

Hard to get good pictures of glass especially dichroic. But I must say, I am very pleased how these turned out.

Fused Glass Trays,Plates and a Bowl

The dishes are slumped. The jewellery still needs fire polishing and bails. Tomorrow is another day.

When I stacked the 2 plates/trays and the bowl together I realized they would make a nice dinner ware place setting. Maybe by the end of the summer a new set of dishes.

Picture 158

This is a 3 section serving dish, would also make a very nice centerpiece with candles and beach stones or some crystals.

Picture 165

This is the bowl done in the same colours as the serving tray.

Picture 195

The 2 together with my helper in the back ground. She decided it was time for a nap, wish I could have joined her.

Picture 176

Smaller of the 2 plates.

Picture 182

Larger plate, much less dark blue. I love these colours.

Picture 186

From this angle you can see the contours of the plates.

See you tomorrow for jewelry.

New Pieces for 2011

I am trying to justify(and I think doing a good job of it) sitting in front of the boob tube for the past couple of weeks watching curling. First the ladies played in Charlottetown,PEI and now the guys are in London, On for the week.

So while sitting here I have been putting some pieces together. This year I actually been digging through things trying to use up previously bought stuff. It is amazing what I am finding. Even some bags from Crystal Clear that I can use.

Of course the problem with this is I bought stuff to try so not a lot of anything. But keeps life interesting.

One of the first things I came across is very small pieces of black dichroic. I haven’t used black backed in years but I do keep everything even crumbs.

Picture 112

Picture 118 Picture 120

Picture 121

Picture 124

Like them all but very limited numbers

Also the last of the dichroic for now. I had some hair clip backs. They sell by the dozen so obviously wrecked some trying to see how they work because I only have around 20 for each size.

Picture 137

Picture 140


Last one is the different sizes.

Bonnie, my sister and partner will be so happy to see all that money spent is finally getting used.

And certainly have lots of crystal beads hanging around, so did some different styles till findings ran out.

Picture 126

Picture 128

They close with a lobster clasp.

Picture 142

Picture 144

Picture 147

Picture 150

And my favourite but only got 10 because I only bought 1 package of spacers.

Picture 151

And more to come tomorrow because the kiln is filled with 4 different plates/trays and some cast jewelry.

New Dichroic Watches

Well have finally got some new watches made for the Center.

Picture 095 Picture 110

Picture 111 Picture 100

Picture 105 Picture 109

The dichroic pieces came out really good and the right size.

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