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New Season

Well here we are again 5 weeks away from the cruise ship season. So we have been digging in cupboards and drawers to find findings and molds we have been buying for the last 10 years and saving for when we had time. We made a conscious decision this year to purchase as little as possible and use up what we have on hand. The start of the year works out well no promises for later however.

Have done several new dichroic pieces.A smaller pendant that we will put on a leather cord.


Hopefully they will be good sellers

Had made some dichroic hair clips several years ago and they were popular products. Found a few more findings so will have them on the table as well.


Had lots of beads and memory wire for bracelets and as well found some magnetic hematite

so bracelets it is:






There are more colours but all in the same style. Memory wire now used up but still a few hematite strings left.

Have lots of pieces of sea glass picked over a life time of wandering beaches so am playing with a few ideas. Neither one I am really happy with at the moment. Thought of putting some pieces in a wire cage.


Its kind of okay but doesn’t show up like I hoped it would.

The other I really like the concept but can’t find the right finding. I want our visitors to take home a little bit of Cape Breton with them. So what better than sea glass and sand from Dominion Beach.


Really want an oval hollow glass dome but the domes I can find are solid and made to show or magnify pictures. Will keep looking.



New Pieces

WOW long over due but finally got back to taking some pictures and uploading here. We will start with some cast jewelry done with mixed frit colours.

102_0403  102_0407


102_0408 102_0415


A new piece of cast dichroic. 102_0442

And some tableware etc.

102_0431 102_0436

102_0446 102_0447

102_0458 102_0463

102_0453 102_0451

102_0470  102_0480

102_0473  102_0476

102_0483 102_0486

102_0489 102_0481

I Really Was Working

Well I am officially on our 4 week break. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to work, just means I don’t have to pack up once a week for a day at the ships.

I need to make wind chimes for Wendy. And have completed some things for the Center. Some panels

This one will be a series of many which will become the Our Town Series. I used to do these pieces with each house 3 or 4 colours but discovered as I ran out of some colours that I actually like them much better this way and will continue doing them like this. Still the same funky shapes.


This one Lorraine says looks like earth when you see it on the internet. I see it as many paths in life some connected, some dead end.


This one absolutely steals my attention. When looking at this one I ask myself “What’s Out There?”


The above are fused pieces and great for home decor

Then I did some glass casting. I cast some glass jewellery as well as the sea shells and another face.

I like the striking contrast between the red and black.

004 007

The shells you have seen before as well as the glass cast boxes. And although the face is similar here is the new face.

030 033


And to throw a little fun in here are some future items as soon as I figure out what to do with them. They could be pins?, they could be the start of small wind chimes?. So if you have any ideas please add some comments, would love to hear your suggestions. They are 3inhx1.75in w.


And last but not least several pins, same mold done at different temperatures. Which is your favourite – detail or not?


And almost for got small faces.


So you see although I wasn’t writing I was working

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